Our story

(What happened to the music?)

99% of the time, when the headline is a question the answer is NO.

It’s not very often but every once in a while we receive an inquiry, email, or chat, asking what happened to modernorganic… what happened to the music? modernorganic, on the surface, seems so different than the ambitious website we launched in early 2007. I could frame this as a personal story of friendships and lessons learned… or some startup-y tale of pivots and professional growth. None of those sounds like anything I’d want to read, let alone write. The answer is so simple it might as well be ‘no’, so ubiquitous it’s just an idea.

There seems to be a recurring conversation in life. Maybe it’s more often shared with like-minded and creative types. Whether you’re a friend, client, or collaborator we’ve probably, not coincidentally, had some version of it. I can trace my earliest back to some of the most inspiring and influential times of my life, listening to beats produced on 4-rack cassette with my best friend, or sitting on the tailgate of a truck in the early hours with a future love. The conversation poses questions; where do you want to go? what do you want to be? what makes you happy? For those of us who have, not coincidentally, gravitated towards each other and shared orbits the answers are something like; I want to be creative, free, I want to work with my friends, those who inspire me, collaborate, I want to be inspired, create, and see everything. It’s hard to say if it’s a conversation, an answer, an idea… maybe even a choice. We began thinking of it as a lifestyle, and later referring to it as a life-aesthetic (aesthetic being, for some reason, our most heavily used vocab word). Create, collaborate, build roots & grow, fuse analog and digital, move forward but stay grounded, be happy, stay inspired, want more & stay grateful.

In 2006, riding high on inspiration and surrounded by creative friends, working for a website startup and collaborating on creative projects… and to paraphrase Fight Club:

It was right in everyone’s face. We just made it visible.

It was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. We just gave it a name.

Welcome to modernorganic.

The conversation, the talent, the motivation, it was all there… even the name seemed obvious. We launched modernorganic in February of 2007 with our first and only mission statement:

modernorganic music mission statement

Over the following years our various members recorded music, played shows, threw events, went on adventures, collaborated, and shared in all manner of growth and accomplishment. Our idea still lives on as many of us continue to support each other and collaborate on projects, though not always exclusive to music.

In early 2013 we relaunched modernorganic as a digital marketing consulting service for creative businesses. We continue to promote our ideals of life-aesthetic, creative collaboration, working with the people who inspire us, and of course the music that keeps us going. We look forward to sharing and promoting more music & creative endeavors with our friends, clients, and collaborators… and of course keeping the conversation alive. With all that has happened almost nothing has changed.