Privacy Policy

Our business is to help you promote your website, grow your business, increase traffic and brand exposure. If you’re looking to optimize your website we’ll be helping you share information about you and what you do. That being said, some things are meant to be kept private. We take your privacy very seriously and handle your data with care.

The modernorganic promise is to only share the information that you want us to and nothing else.

Personal information and website data is stored in our database. Access to personal information is limited to those individuals who are authorized to it for research, implementation, and monitoring during our engagement. We do not retain data, rights, or credentials to your data after our contract has reached completion.

We will never share your information with outside businesses, users, or advertisers…ever!

Word is bond.

June 17th 2016
We may change and modify the Privacy Policy at any time. All changes become effective immediately. Notice of changes may be provided to you by posting the effective date here on the Privacy Policy page, by email to your email address or in other ways.