How we work

Each project is unique, but they all go a little bit like this


Before the signatures have even hit the contract we've already hit the ground running. We use fresh eyes to our advantage, collecting as much information about your business as we can, cataloging impressions with and outside perspective. Your file is already an inch thick. 

Our kickoff meeting will begin an unbridled interview. We want to know everything. Call us Oprah. Our goal is to understand everything that is not already obvious. We'll ask about the future of your business as much as the past. What are your passions, what are your pains, how do you define success?

As the meeting continues we'll present you with an overview of the state of SEO and Digital Marketing; what has worked historically, what works now, and a forward looking view on industry trends. We want you to understand how we're approaching your project and what further research we're embarking on.


We add thickness to that file by orders of magnitude. At minimum we'll be analyzing you, your industry, and your competitors. 

For our Digital Marketing projects we start with top-down Audits of your website and any associated properties. We're checking semantics, links, loading speed, coding, copy, graphics, mobility, usability... the list is exhaustive. We'll also be auditing your backlink profile, uncovering the extent of your online footprint, unknown assets, and opportunities for improvement. 

We follow that keyword research and reporting; finding the value of your desired keywords, uncovering new ones, and discovering your baseline ranking across multiple search engines and parameters. 

The discovery process is then applied to competitors, industry peers, and other sites ranking highly for your desired keywords and phrases. If one of your employees has a cat blog we might take a look at that too. 


Our second meeting marks the half way point of our engagement. With our data assembled we walk the stake holders through the insights we've gleaned, findings uncovered and request sign off on the recommendations we wish to implement.

We also take this time to elaborate on the competitive landscape, introducing ideas and suggesting workflows that our clients can begin to consider or deploy. We aim to educate and empower with tools and techniques maintain ranking increases and momentum going forward.

The presentation wraps leaving you with full documentation of our research and findings, and having signed off on our recommended on and off-site work. 


We go to work on implementation.

For some projects this might entail a full site build, conducting revisions on a current site, or outlining specific changes for your developer to deploy. In others it may entail landing pages, ad copy, and AdWords campaign creation. Sometimes we build content roadmaps, set up syndication channels, automate lead research, or find you just the right plugin to take one daily task of your plate for good.

No matter what we're working on, we're always working on being a tough act to follow. 


Website's get launched, emails go out, high-fives are slapped. Just remember; never pop the champagne over your keyboard. Before all of that though, we like to spend our last but hopefully not final meeting with you setting you up for long term success. We make sure you have a game plan that takes you off into the horizon. Tools, training, tracking, strategy and workflow. 

Retainers & Ongoing Work

Some projects require a longer timeline, and for those we offer services in the form of a Prioritized Monthly Retainer.  Please contact us for details and pricing.