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Ranking Tracking, Backlink Monitoring, Visitors, Tweets, Clicks, Posts, Impressions, Views, EVERYTHING. All in one place, available on desktop, tablet, phone, or delivered to your inbox. With Advanced Tracking monitoring your online presences has never been easier.



24/7 Dashboard
20 Keywords
Monthly Email Reports
Backlink Monitoring
Google Analytics integration



24/7 Dashboard
50 Keywords
Weekly Email Reports
Backlink Monitoring
Competitor Monitoring
Google Analytics integration
Google Search Console integration
Social Analytics



24/7 Dashboard
50 Keywords + Management
Weekly Email Reports
Backlink Monitoring
Competitor Monitoring + Management
Google Analytics integration
Google Search Console integration
Social Analytics + Post Scheduling
Adwords + Facebook Ads Campaign Monitoring
Data Export

Rank Tracking

Discover your website’s rank for Google, Bing, and Google Local search engine results. Track changes over time, and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and SEO efforts. Our cloud based system updates rankings daily and accurately. 

Backlink Monitoring

Find and track what websites are linking to you and where your website getting mentioned online. Our backlink monitoring tool provides detailed information about the value of each link including Trust Flow, Citation Flow, and even links that have gone missing. 

Analytics Integration

Take your tracking further by integrating Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Adwords, and Facebook Ads into your dashboard. Monitor Users, Pageviews, Clicks, Impressions, and more all from one location. 

Social Analytics

Monitor engagement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube at a glance! Reply to comments and schedule follow-up posts all in the same place.

24/7 Dashboard

Our 24/7 dashboard gives you all of your website’s essential information in a clear and easy to use view on any device. Understanding how your audience interacts with you and how your digital marketing campaigns are performing has never been easier. 

Scheduled Reporting

We deliver custom tailored reports weekly or monthly to you and your team with just the information you need. More accurate than ever and delivered right on time. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

To get started click the Buy Now button under the plan you wish to purchase above. Once you have completed the purchase you will be directed to a form where we will gather your account information. We will establish your account and send you login credentials within 24 hours. If you experience any issues please contact us here.

Where do I log in?

Your Tracking dashboard is always available at:

How do I add/change Keywords to track?

Advanced subscription plans have the ability to manage Keywords through the Advanced Tracking Dashboard. For other plans please submit changes to us via the contact form. We may contact you to verify certain changes.

Can I change my plan?

Of course! Please submit changes plan change requests via the contact form.

Can I request a demo?

Absolutely! Please let us know a good time to reach you via the contact form.

How do I recover my password?

Passwords can be recovered on the Advanced Tracking login page at If you are experiencing any issues please use the contact form.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your account any time by following this link.

What information is tracked?

Rank Tracking (Search Engine Ranking Placement in top 100 results):

– Google Placement & Change
– Google Local Placement & Change
– Bing Placement & Change

Backlink Monitoring:

– Domain
– Page
– Anchor Text
– Total Backlinks on linking page
– Trust Flow & Citation Flow
– Alexa Rank


– Domain
– Trust Flow & Citation Flow
– Indexed Pages
– Linking Domains
– Total Backlinks
– Keywords in Top 10

Google Analytics Integration:

(Filterable by; All, Organic Search, Paid Search, Social, Referrals, Display, Email, Other, Locale, Age, Gender, Devices, Pages, Landing Pages, Exit Pages, and Events)

– Sessions
– Users
– Pageviews
– Pages/Session
– Average Session Duration
– New Sessions
– Bounce Rate
– Goal Completions

Google Search Console Integration:

– Keyword & Page
– Average Position
– Impressions
– Clicks


– Facebook: Likes
– Twitter: Retweets & Favorited (Date & Post)
– YouTube: Video + Date & Duration (Views, Likes, Dislikes)
– Instagram: Followers, Posts (Image + Caption + Date) Likes & Comments
– LinkedIn: Impressions, Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares

Google Adwords:

(Campaign, Ad Group, Keywords, Ads, Conversions):

– Clicks
– Impressions
– Cost
– Average CPC
– Converted Clicks

Facebook Ads:

(Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads)

– Campaign
– Clicks
– Impressions
– Average CPC

How do I pick Keywords to track?

Picking the right keywords to track can be a little tricky. We recommend starting off with the basics like:
Brand name
Brand name + Location
Service + Location
Service + Specialty + Location

If you have questions or would like suggestions on keywords to track please let us know a good time to reach you and we’ll be happy to assist!
Contact us here.

Still have questions? Contact us here