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Ok ok ok, next blog post will be about SEO we promise. I guess we can try to make this one about it, a little bit. It’s really just about this chair. Daaaaaaang look at that thing! The materials, the inspiration, the craftsmanship… we’re in love. We stumbled across this bad boy during our morning rounds on the ‘net while keeping a vigilant eye open for lust items like this. Last year we put together a sweet little holiday gift guide for photographers, marketers, and creative types like you, dear reader. Keeping up with your content strategy is paramount to a successful digital marketing campaign, so we’re trying to get an early start on this year’s guide.

Planning and punctuality, that’s the name of the game. You don’t want to be shopping on christmas eve, late for the new years eve party, or waking up sometime in the spring thinking about how your new year’s resolution was to take your business to the next level. Get started early, stay on target like Gold Five, and you’ll be that much closer to kicking back in a sweet rocker like this:

[slider type=’big1′ title=” id=’Randonneur Chair’]

The Randonneur Chair is designed and built by TWO MAKERS utilizing gorgeous fillet brazed (not unlike this beautiful frame from last years gift guide) 631 steel tubes, timber, and Brooks leather accents. For our holiday gift guide we’ll only be recommending items that are readily available, and this was just too beautiful to ignore.


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