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You should really change your password, really

We were internetting pretty hard the other day (as we are wont to) and came across a little gem of a website to share with you, dear readers. Being in the consulting biz we pride ourselves on giving our clients and collaborators sound advice based on research, data, and industry proven best practices. Every once in a while though, something like this serves as an excellent reminder to always exercise common sense and safety as a digital citizen.

An anonymous “security researcher” has set up, a website aggregating video feeds from internet connected cameras around the world… who’s owners never bothered to update their passwords. Voyeuristic viewers can browse thousands of video feeds randomly or by country and city. Within about 5 minutes we were able to locate a bar around the corner from our office:


change your password

(and like good neighbors we sent them a note letting them know they should updated their passwords too)


If the Heartbleed bug didn’t already get you to take a few minutes to update your login credentials this probably won’t convince you, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. If you need a quick secure password generated we recommend heading over to Wolfram Alpha.


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