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Master and student

Get help: hire a student

You want to take your photography business to the next level but there’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done?


The way I see it you’ve got 2 options: [ordered_list]

  1. Get in your DeLorean, complete with working flux capacitor, hit 88 and burn rubber to earlier in the day.
  2. Support and encourage a student while you get help with your business.

[/ordered_list]   Who knows maybe you could even become a mentor to them!


PLEASE NOTE: The rules to the mentor/mentee relationship dictate that at some point the student may become the master and you may in fact die by their hand!

Master and student

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What to do:

Find a student that you jive with. Maybe they remind you of a younger you, perhaps they’re your exact opposite. I’m not going to get into the art of picking a student worker here but I will suggest you go with your gut(duh).


Where to look:


List of art colleges:


Questions to keep in mind: [unordered_list style=’dot’]

  • How many hours do you need/ can afford help?
  • How flexible are you in scheduling?
  • Do you have a physical studio/place for a student to work?
  • How much are you willing to pay for a student employee?
  • Who will do the orientation, training, and supervising?
  • Can you provide “hands-on” experience with equipment or processes used in the photography industry?
  • Are you providing value to the student?



Please remember you are not getting “free labor”, it will do nothing for either of you to have your student not doing anything.





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