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How to not look like a total ass in 7 easy steps!


Trying to be a professional photographer? You have to present yourself as a professional. This  is especially true if you’re not quite the jet setting, hob knobbing, elbow rubbing professional just yet. Your website is your resume, and there are no typos allowed on your resume, dude!  Please eliminate the following resume typos immediately:


1)  No animated gifs. No auto play music. This shit ain’t myspace and this ain’t 2003.

2)  No “under construction” or “check back later” type of unfinished pages. Honestly I still see that crap on sites all the time and it make me feel crazy.

3)  Keep it consistent and in focus, keep your pictures roughly the same size.

4)  No non-clickable email links. nobody wants to type out your B.S. AOL email address. Which brings me to …

5) NO @AOL, @YAHOO, @SBCGLOBAL, @HOTMAIL, @COMCAST!!! No no no, none of these. These scream out “I have no idea what I’m doing!” Ideally it’s going to be something like and I suppose in a pinch an @gmail address would be acceptable.

6) None of that “Jack-of-too many-trades” master of none crap. Specialize dude! Don’t put up the pictures of your 2nd cousins civil ceremony that you shot that one time. There may be a couple nice shots in there, but unless it fits in with all your other work it belongs elsewhere.

7) No dusty blogs please. Is your last post over a month old, is it your inaugural post? Nope. Are you only posting pictures? Again: Nope. Search engines can’t see how beautiful your sunset photos are. You godda add text, even if its just informational (when, where and how). If you can’t keep your blog updated with fresh content, maybe its time to delete.


Don’t listen to your gut, it lies. Don’t remember that cool website that you saw that one time, that was a looong time ago.  (I know time really does fly, its crazy).

If you don’t know how to computer …that’s fine. Like all shameful secrets this must be hidden from everywhere and everybody. We shall never speak of your Luddite shame again.












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