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In 3…2…1: Softest launch ever


shrimp sandwichWho are we? We’re a couple of SEO guys who’ve been in the startup game for a minute or two. We met working for liveBooks in 2006. I  received a degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and am loco for mexican food. Jericho is a crazy good musician/DJ and loves to party on his bike. We’re friends first who love working together and throw lunch time barbacoas that we call “SEO BBQs”.  SEO BBQs mean: putting down the laptops and firing up the coals. It’s a time to get together and talk shop, art and “other”. Play your cards right and maybe you’ll be coming over for an SEO BBQ.







We created this website to get a SEO consulting gig off the ground… boom DONE.  We put a lot of energy  into researching SEO. This is a place where we’re going to discuss new SEO developments a well as good old fashioned, tried and true SEO best practices. We’d also like to present other things that we find interesting (art, food, music, bikes, wood, corny jokes, etc.). We’re both inspired by photography and other visual art, so expect a lot of that.

We’re inviting you to come along. Be here, present and comment or lurk like some weird freak, it’s up to you.




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