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Ahhh, the good old days

12 years! 12 freaking years! Thats the amount of time that Jericho and I have put into working at the company called liveBooks. liveBooks in a lot of respects was the first one in the space of custom photography websites that photogs could edit and upload content on the fly by themselves. You could say business was booming.

I started working at livebooks in 2005 ish.  The liveBooks office was in the process of being moved from Mike Costuros’ (one of the liveBooks founders) bedroom to a real bonafide office building. liveBooks’ infancy started in a sad looking 3 story green rectangle with a couple windows in the sunny Mission district of San Francisco, at 20th and Harrison streets. There were a couple of guys in an apartment in Orange County, but in San Francisco for the first few months I sat in an empty office with the founder and the new CEO. The people who came in were all nervous in their “interview bests”, being all friendly. Eventually the building filled up with some of these people. In a lot of ways I view these as the “good old days”.  It was a cool young company with a lot of potential. The people who worked there were happy, and they were happy that they worked there. I surprise myself by how much i’m enjoying looking back at all this, I don’t do it enough. Note to self: remember the good stuff too. This was supposed to be a post about how we’re good at SEO and have a ton of experience and everything. This wasn’t supposed to be some rambling post about stuff I remember.

I guess what i’m trying to say is that we’ve seen what it takes to conceptualize and build a photography website business. We have an intimate knowledge of the coding and platform on which these types of photography websites are built. Jericho Flippin’ Diaz conceptualized and designed the whole liveBooks SEO process. We’ve completed over one hundred SEO projects for photography businesses. We have refined and reiterated and refined and reiterated our processes. We know how to leverage everything out of these websites and  we’re familiar with their limitations. In short, we believe in what we’re selling and who we are.

Every day that we spend, talking to clients, researching SEO, running our various reports, barbecuing, conducting interviews, brainstorming, joking around, drinking coffee, and flappin’ our gums… well that’s what we’re doing, creating memories.  Of course we enjoy the time that we’re here working, but these are the days that we’re going to look back on and appreciate the simplicity of these times. As crazy as this sounds, “these are the good old days”.

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